jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

I was the walrus, but now I'm John

I think you've begun to forget all those things that have made me so. All those things that made me dream. 
Months ago I read a paragraph which made me think about life, it said "no matter what happens all day long, it all comes down to the last person you think of at night, that's where your heart is". That's you, you're the only place where my heart is and the only one I know that will keep it safe when events call for it. I want you to know that whatever I'll do from this day on, It will be in order to keep you by my side. It may sound selfish, but I need to know that you'll love me and if things turn dark or if events make my wings fall apart, you'll take the broken pieces from the pavement and, with a pinch of love, you'll teach me how to love again and over everything, I'll learn to fly.

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