domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011


You've got a beer in your hand. In the floor, six more are waiting to be drunk. You've got your lonely bed, the beers and a big world outside. Why the fuck are you still inside your bedroom, looking at his photos, remembering your fucking past? Haven't you had enough? Do not try to love it again. Do not want to still loving it. Do not keep his memories. Burn his photos. Burn the memory of yourself loving him. Be honest, you weren't happy. You were just dreamming with it, trying to became him in who he wasn't, he isn't and he will never be, a person who loves you. Just try to convince yourself: you're strong, you can move on, you can let it, you can live without him, without loving and be loved back. You can live by yourself. Please, do not cry again, just take the beers and the keys and go out. Go out, drink, fuck, and the next morning never, never remember who you've loved for an hour.

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