miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Are you ready to be liberated, on this sad side city street? Well, the birds have been freed from their cages. I've got freedom and my youth. My name is brody i'm from melbourne, fitzroy melbourne. I grew up on bell st. then on bennett st. my mum kicked out my dad for battery found a way, she found a way, she found a way out of spiritual penury. Working single mother in an urban struggle blames herself now cause i grew up troubled, it hit me, i got everything i need. My one heart felt too much from the start. I've seen people come and go living large and living low, you can build up your walls sitting on death row, let the curtain fall on your murdered soul, you can wash it all down swallow your story, get smacked off your head go down in drumroll glory, you won't solve it committing self inflicted crime, go on pull the trigger this will be the last time. I speak of the truth the truth of the heart like a desperate thirst in a raging drought hey youth time flies by theres an everlasting battle for eternal life I love a man from california, he's the prettiest thing, we've got the same disorder. The way you feel it's ok, I don't give a shit anyway.
People said I'm like her

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